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Doespost w/o to be labeled a spammer? Just wondering generally if i can post around my business here without having to be flamed as a fabulous spammer? Thanks! Basiy no, of course never. The TOU discourages you from offer promotional items around non-promotional space. Go investigate the TOU, and many of the ancillary posting suggestions. If what you will have to post is worthy going in the Services component of your local is List site, stuff it there. Thanks, this really is what I should know! There is known as a self employment community forum. OK, thanks Oxidation Writer in want of benefactor Now i'm currently working about my first narrative but getting nowhere. Reasons being Im working on my stepfather who's got lung cancer and coronary disease. I have to settle the bills though right? For that reason, I work - hrs/day from a steel mill to pay bills which leaves virtually no time to receive any writing completed. So if you can find anyone out there with a good amount of many that choose to help out, you�re able to contact me during john-b@ Thanksfuck an individual begger. bum. parasite. a small amount of struggle should be good to your writing. practical government shutdown Next month The continuing funding resolution ends MarchMore crisis from and even Congress... was first loser this game he way overhyped that downsideNo more adjustment? Keeping the Peeps on Fear! mad spork climate outside previously don't think you can easily handle a shutdownThere were shutdowns in the last!!! "No Biggie Da" for the Korean Hookers use to speak about! Americans have made it through the shutdowns in the last, and we will survive ours!

Little Biz Ideas. Vehicle Spa... You get my car, come back ithours later spotless within and out. Eye-port Washer... All you'll need is a spectrum, a bucket, a sponge along with a squiggee. Gutter Solution... All you need is a ladder No? *sigh* I suppose I'll do it myself. the drawback I scratch your vehicle, you sue me personally for $ , 000, 000. I break your own window you take legal action against me for bucks million. I fall from the ladder while cleaning up your gutters, prosecute you for $ million, your spouse shoots me. There is nothing as simple while you make it sensible, lady. Maybe you should do it yourself -- builds dynamics. Insurance? Ron Pau princeton steak seafood princeton steak seafood l may be the wave of the future either that or we ought to just go extensive blown commie at this time and kiss Usa goodbye. isn't he a little old to end up being thatcompared to who seem to?? listen the key reason why we get into a lot trouble is given that women vote for presidents on the basis that he has been "handsome", which usually means young. If women aren't careful eventually they will have the vote taken from their site. It happened along with Kennedy, Clinton and today. most persuadable voting demographic white women hispanics who were either born here or happen to be here for + several years MnM $ /mo MORE to possess than to rentOWN = bucks /mo.... RENTING = bucks /mo^ disregards income tax and amortizationNo renters pay $ a lot more than my effective costYou have to spend $ /mo or you get That's your EFFECTIVE cost to maintain a roof over your face! A bitter renter ONLY needs bucks /mo to rentMoney downwards the drain, IMO$ /mo ADDITIONAL is money down the drain!! Pyaing away debt is money down the deplete? OK, dummyPaying down credit debt doesn't make^ Red Hering Alert! exactly why is the Market closed today? no 1 celebratepfft... why do the Roman Catholic Church turn a as well as Nazis?

Willie? i uncovered him.... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Failed to he become Iven Horen as well as other handles? He once would always post some on-topic stuff along with fun-loving trolling. I do believe he became disgusted, like many, a great many other people at any constant fake lifestyle, boastful and/or mean-spirited trolling some did here and decided to the darker aspect where he often noted the hypocrisy. If he's didn't post anymore I'd say of your step in the appropriate direction toward recouping any remaining good mental health insurance and optimism he features left. As a second older, underemployed worker it's not hard to understand how someone turn into extremely disillusioned and even cynical about your entire process these days to weeks, and forums which can be purportedly about a career, workplace, trends, and so forth. that rarely own any re white rabbit bookstore white rabbit bookstore levant content and articles anymore. Most people who actually care about those issues have already been driven away belonging to the forum all or usually by the persistent trolling and spam.

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Volunteers for the reason that Admin. staff - how is supervising these I/T personnel unlike regular employees in the organization. Coddle them - since they are volunteers? Guess I'll look for the HR gurus on Monday Keep going plane to London leaving on runway what individuals knows who sung that song?... Why would you care should you have such a poor.

The key reason why do COX serviceman can not do their employment? Twice in a new row we said to them AFTER making the cable outside the house to bury your exposed length WHILE IN THE GROUND - what exactly their problem? They come supposively fully equipped inside of a truck while using tools, etc. located at their disposal, supposively properly trained that you perform proper work they usually fall short about mexican prairie dog mexican prairie dog rendering the services required in their service? Are people just lazy with such acting? Ground level is just the common sand kind found all about this southwest NORTH AMERICAN city, yet I presume they know as good as to blow it off. And my daughter found months soon after this cable sliced thanks to being accidently cut by a portion bengal kittens ohio bengal kittens ohio of a steel shed bottom on account of their "performance" face to face. Any good tendencies here? Thanks for use on your undivided help! supposedly^^^And type of a responseTake graphics. Take pictures, state your case along with the company, record s and conversations considering the fact that no action is without a doubt taken, take the property to small claims the courtroom and report the theifs to the BBB.... maybe shit with their mailbox later. With thanks I think that they can be a run-of-the-mill rouine for him or her too, yet this really is no excuse intended for giving poor gains while doing their particular work........ and if they get later tons of "crap" just by mail for careless actions on salary chances are they'll deserve it! With thanks I think that they can be a run-of-the-mill routine for him or her too, yet this really is no excuse intended for giving poor gains while doing their particular work........ and if they get later tons of "crap" just by mail for careless action russian blue cats russian blue cats s on salary chances are they'll deserve it! afraid to ask nice to read a COX serviceman is usually but at lowest they came fully with their tools.... type of performance was ones sister expecting?